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Former YOKOZUNA SUMO Wrestler Kohei Harumafuji

I have been participating in this activity since 2008. I was very impressed to hear that volunteers from the Heart Saving Project doctors examined and treated the children in my home country of Mongolia. I would like to give back some of the benefits and have cooperated with raising funds for Heart Saving Project since then. In 2009, I went to Gobi Altai in my hometown for medical examination. The people of my hometown were very happy. I would like to actively cooperate with this organization if there is anything I can do in the future. Thank you for your support as well.

img-wac-1 pdf-large 日馬富士の

Nishikijima Master Former SEKIWAKE SUMO Wrestler Taro Asasekiryu

It was an encounter with this project that I was asked by Secretary-General Mr. Hiroyuki Usami in 2007 to be a member of the Heart Saving Project and to go to the hospital at Kanagawa Children's Medical Center, Where Dr. Ueda was working, who is also the member of Heart Saving Project. I also visited the sick children in this hospital in 2008. Thanks to the Heart Saving Project for helping Mongolian children. I would like to keep in mind that I can meet anytime and anywhere for fundraising. We look forward to your continued support.

2023年 主なボランティア協力団体(順不同・敬称略)

  • 株式会社ウイン・インターナショナル(東京都文京区)
  • おおしろ小児科(山口県周南市)
  • からすやま小児科(東京都世田谷区)
  • 後藤内科医院(島根県出雲市)
  • GEヘルスケアジャパン株式会社中四国支社(広島県広島市)
  • つむらファミリークリニック(島根県出雲市)
  • どれみクリニック(島根県出雲市)
  • 社団法人日本医師会(東京都文京区)
  • 日本ゴア合同会社(東京都港区)
  • 日本メドトロニック株式会社(東京都港区)
  • 合同会社フォルムユニバ
  • 有限会社ランドスケープ・アーチ(東京都目黒区)
  • 高砂部屋 八代高砂浦五郎
  • 九重部屋 千代翔馬富士雄



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