Conducted A Pirot Trip to Mongolia in Preparation for Resume


Cardiac catheterization at the National Maternal and Child Health Center of Mongolia on February 11, 2023

After our volunteer activity trip for medical treatment support in Mongolia December 2019, our actitivities were temporarily suspended due to the global pandemic of the new coronavirus.

In this February, it was the first time in 3 years and 2 months that Prof. Hide Tomita, Chairman of the Board, and Dr. Hiroaki Kise, and Dr. Daishiro Yamaoka conducted a pilot trip in preparation for resuming activities.
(Outbound) February 9th (Thursday) Departing Narita Airport 15:30 Arriving at Ulaanbaatar Genghis Khan Airport 20:25
(Return) February 12th (Sunday) Departing from Ulaanbaatar Genghis Khan Airport 8:55 Arrival at Narita Airport 14:40

On February 10th and 11th, they conducted echocardiography and cardiac catheterization activities with local doctors at the Pediatric Cardiology Department of National Maternal and Child Health Center of Mongolia.
February 10th -First day Total medical examination 53 people
February 11th: 10 cases of catheterization (9 cases of treatment catheters, 7 with patent ductus arteriosus, 2 with pulmonary valve stenosis, 1 with test catheter)

Additionally, on the 11th, the organization’s Chairman Prof.Hide Tomita and National Maternal and Child Health Center of Mongolia’s Director General Dr.Altantuya signed a future activity cooperation agreement.
At that time, prof.Hideshi Tomita asked them about the current situation and their hopes for the future of the Heart Saving Project.
(Status report)
There has been a major personnel change in the pediatric cardiology department, and the department is now staffed entirely by young people. Meanwhile, it is planned that open heart surgery will finally begin in the same hospital from the fall of 2023.
(Future hopes)

Before the personnel change, the scope of treatment that could be provided by Mongolian doctors had expanded, but now it has become difficult for Mongolian doctors to perform cardiac catheterization as the main operator, so within 1-2 years,we will have young doctors trained by the Heart Saving Prooject and would like to get to a state where a Mongolian doctor can perform catheter treatment as the main operator as soon as possible.
Based on this desire, at the board meeting held after the pilot trip ended, it was decided that the activity style from 2023 onward would be multiple trips with small groups (preferably once every 2-3 months). 
During this stay, the National Maternal and Child Health Center of Mongolia conferred the title of professor emeritus on Hidetoshi Tomita, the chairman of our organization.

Chairman Prof.Hide Tomita receives the title of professor emeritus

(From left) New faces – Dr. Batsuri (1st year in cardiology), Dr. Hongol (3rd year in cardiology), Dr. Anudin (1st year in cardiology), Mr. Behebat (6th year medical student, resident from this fall)

Bayangol Hotel, where he always stays, will continue to support us.