participated in spring activities in Mongolia 2019


The student volunteer Mr. Shibata, who participated in the May activity, gave an impression of having participated in the activity.

Impression participated in the spring local examination 2019

Ehime University School of Medicine 5th grade

Masaaki Hamada

This is the first time I participated in the Heart Saving Project. I have been indebted to Professor Takashi Higaki who is a board member of the group, and I have been interested in the activities of Mongolia for some time. In this activity, I was able to experience many things that I cannot learn in Japan.

filling in medical records beside Dr. Yamamoto

I visited the medical examination at Bayan Khongol. The medical facilities at Bayan Khongol were not completely equipped, but among them, they provided the best medical treatment. By observing the examination next to Dr. Eiichi Yamamoto, I was able to see many typical heart noises and echoes of various heart diseases in close proximity, and I was able to deepen my understanding of heart diseases. It was also impressive that all the children who had detected some abnormality were alive. In Japan, serious children  must be operated early as soon as possible. In comparison, children with similar symptom have to wait in Mongolia, and they spend their days without being informed when it will be treated or if it can be treated in the first place. Seeing the children who are living under such uncertain circumstances, I became more aware that I wanted them to be useful as medical personnel.



at Bayan Khongol Central Hospital May 2019

tourist camp we stayed

children waiting see a doctor

I felt that I would like to participate in such activities as a single doctor in the future. I will continue to encourage daily learning and strive to be a better medical person.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the people involved in this activity in Mongolia. I wish for further development of the Heart Saving Project in the future.