Catheter treatment team in Mongolia 2019 May


Dr. Tomoko Fujii gave us her impressions of joining cathter treatment team at National Health Center for Maternal and Child of Mongolia as an anesthesiologist.

Collaborative Approach to Medicine Beyond borders

Showa University Northern Yokohama Hospital 

Anesthesiologist M.D. Tomoko Fuji

Fourth visit to Mongolia

April 28th 2019 at Chingis Khan Airport in Ulaanbaatar

This is fourth times for me to attend Heart Saving Project’s volunteer activities. This time I strongly realized that Heart Saving Project’s activities stood for “Collaborative approach to medicine beyond borders”. Besides, I was honorable to sign a greeting book to celebrate the new Emperor’s enthronement at Embassy of Japan in Mongolia on May 2nd. It was very valuable experiment.

Heart Saving Project’s activities attracts me because I can support patients very closely and I am able to work collaborative with Mongolian Anesthesiologists.

This time there were some patients in need of special and difficult treatment. Both Japanese pediatricians and Mongolian pediatricians discussed repeatedly whether treatment should be given. At last they explained to patient’s parents about the child’s condition, difficulty of treatment and the reason why it was so difficult. This was a valuable experience for me.

Also, I was able to witness the site of Mongolian Anesthesiologists’ quick emergency response, cooperation plays with nurses and trust in Japanese doctors. I was so impressed with collaborative approach to medicine beyond borders.


Dr. Fujii watching Dr. Akira Ozawa(Miyagi Children’s Hospital)examining a child

Dr. Koichi Kataoka Explaining treatment to patient’s parents

one of tthe patients that was examined in May and her mother

May 1st midnight Japan time, we greeted the opening of Reiwa Era in Bayangol Hotel lobby just coming back from the National Health Center for Maternal and Child of Mongolia.

During this period, we were honorable to sign a greeting book to celebrate the new Emperor’s enthronement at Embassy of Japan in Mongolia. Although we must reach Embassy up to 3 p.m., we arrived just three minutes before 3 because of unscheduled treatment occurred. Dr. Koichi Kataoka, Dr. Akira Ozawa, Badral (interpreter) and I rushed to the Embassy, more than ten embassy staff were waiting for us and we felt very sorry. We were guided by the counselor, greeted the Ambassador Masato Takaoka and sign the greeting book. There were two string bound books of A4 size on a long table with white cross. There was a new Emperor’s photo displayed on the wall across the table. I was wondering hot to sign and looked into the next, Dr. Kataoka signed by horizontal and I wrote my name and affiliation in horizontal writing ,too, After signing, Dr. Kataoka explained to Ambassador about the activities of Heart Saving Project, the number of the patients treated this time and so on. I stood next to Dr. Kataoka in good posture ashamed of inadvertently coming with sneakers. It was very nervous 15 minutes.

I experienced much events than ever this time. Especially it was very happy to see Mongolian children and their parents smile

Thank you very much for those who took care of us.

Mongolian anesthesiologist(in front) and Dr. Fujii(in back)

Patient and his mother who have been examined(left),Dr. Nriyuki Haneda(center) and Dr. Fujii(right)

Patients treated this time, their families, Mongolian medical staff, Mongolian volunteers and members of the Heart Saving Project